Biblica Europe work in three main areas to encourage and equip people to read and live the Bible well – translation & access, resourcing mission and Bible engagement.

Translation & Access

We want to ensure that people across Europe have the ability to get their hands on a translation they can understand, in the contemporary “heart” language of their country and in a format they can engage with effectively.

Not only is it important that we provide accurate and understandable translations but also that those translations are in easy to read formats, as well as audio and digital versions. We are committed to removing barriers to God’s word wherever they exist, enabling everyone to read and engage with the Bible. 

Resourcing Mission

Many ministry partners recognise they have a real need for the Bible in their work. Other agencies need input to help bring clarity to the ‘Bible Strategy’ piece of the puzzle that seems to be missing.

We are committed to working alongside partner agencies and mission organisations and helping them develop a clear strategy to ensure that the Bible is at the heart of mission across Europe. Over the past few years we have delivered more than 2 million bibles and bible portions presented in a translation and format that is relevant for the particular outreach ministry. We work in many languages and areas such as, children’s ministry, the persecuted church, prison ministry, equipping leaders and translation. We also help to create custom bibles and provide expert support and networking opportunities that aim to equip agencies in their objective to see the Bible used as a key tool in mission.

Bible Engagement

Whilst many in Europe identify themselves as Christian, only 2.5% are evangelical Christians and church attendance has seen a dramatic drop in just one generation. Attitudes to the Bible are changing (47% of the UK population think the Bible is irrelevant*) and Bible knowledge is in rapid decline. 

The need for more effective Bible engagement in Europe is clear and this is our priority. Our passion is to develop resources that equip leaders (such as Community Bible Experience) and help them engage individuals with the Bible– regardless of their geography, demographic or learning style.

*taken from the National Biblical Literacy Survey 2009

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