What is Reach4Life?

The Reach4Life New Testament facilitates change through bringing young people to Christ, discipling them, and teaching them Bible-based life skills addressing issues specific to teens and young adults ages 12 to 25.

The devotional focuses on the 4 journeys: how to be saved, growing in Christ, how to face challenges, and how to be a change agent yourself. Additionally, the Reach4Life programme implements an effective teaching and discipling method called peer education. Peer influence can be such a strong factor in a young person’s decision-making process, and when young people are transformed by the Word of God and choose to lead their peers we consistently see dramatic improvements in behavior and life choices.

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The Reach4Life App can help young people, grow in their faith; connect with other young people; and become agents of change in the world!  The App gives access to videos, reading plans, and devotions that will strengthen faith and provides practical tools to live this life well.

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Reach4Life teaches Bible-based life skills addressing issues specific to teens and young adults. Wherever it has been used we have consistently seen dramatic improvements in behaviour and life choices.

Over 2 million young people have been impacted by Reach4Life. With your help, we can reach even more.


“When you see the Bible transforming people’s lives, you realise there is hope for humanity”