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We focus on the top 100 strategic languages for Bible translation, accelerating the growth and impact of first language translation efforts within the illumiNations Movement.

Translation is at the heart of what we do

Since our beginnings in 1809 as the New York Bible Society, our desire was to reach out to those who needed access to Scripture in their own heart language.

Translation continues to be at the heart of what we do as an organisation. We passionately believe that there is an ongoing need for relevant and reliable Bible translation across the world, which will grow the Church and transform lives through Jesus Christ.

  • Relevant –we focus on resources that are contemporary in their readability and are responsive to the needs of our partners, including churches and other bible societies working on the ground
  • Reliable –we continue to prioritise linguistic accuracy and faithfulness to the meaning of the original texts, building on the legacy of the NIV translation, but focusing on the needs of the intended reader.

Focusing on the top 100 strategic languages around the world, Biblica now stewards a growing portfolio of more than 80 international translations, with capacity to serve 80% of the world.  We continue to seek to accelerate the growth and impact of first language translation efforts, as part of the wider illumiNations movement. We distinguish ourselves with an integrated approach to translation and publishing to develop Scripture resources and programmes for churches and ministry partners engaged in frontline ministry.

Within Europe and the Middle East, Biblica currently steward 24 different translations, including, English, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Arabic, and Kurdish. We are also currently working on several new contemporary translations, including Ukrainian and Turkish.

Please join with us in continuing to pray for those involved in Bible translation across our region and for the wider illumiNations movement where we are working together with other agencies to see an end to Bible poverty within our lifetime. For more information on the global picture of Bible translation around the world, you can visit

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