Resources – Connected Generation & Digital Innovation

Connected Generation

In this rapidly changing world and digital age, Biblica are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to engage with new audiences across the globe. In MENA-Eurasia, our particular focus is on the 18-35 age group, expanding digital platforms and partnerships to sizably increase reach and scale of impact.

A recent Barna Report said “And contrary to stereotypes, overall 18-35-year-olds around the world express an overwhelming openness to spirituality-or, at least, the possibility of a spiritual dimension.”

Therefore this continues to be an area of huge opportunity for ministry. 

Beautifully illustrated and designed in a magazine–style, ideally suited for Millennials and Gen Z. The fresh and contemporary design helps bring the full bible text form the Gospel of Mark to today’s reader.

There is a profound need to bring the Bible to social media platforms. “The Greatest Story Ever Told” should live in the space where people search for stories, seeking insight into their most important, existential questions. Watch this video about an unexpected encounter with scripture and then share on your social media pages.