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The Accessible Bible Project – Urban Saints

Mark Arnold speaking

Mark Arnold is the Additional Needs Ministry Director at Urban Saints. Urban Saints has been in existence for 120 years, reaching out across the UK to support children’s, youth and family workers.

Urban Saints partnered with Biblica at the start of the Accessible Bible Project. Mark said

“We dreamed big dreams, we produced a big list of things that we hoped the Accessible Bible would include, and bit by bit we saw it taking shape…… It’s been great to be involved in such an exciting project that has reached out and enabled children, young people and indeed adults across the UK and across the world to be able to access God’s word in incredible ways for the very first time”.

In this video Mark reflects on how he and Urban Saints got involved in the project; how they continue to use the NIrV Accessible Edition: New Testament; the impact that the project has had; and the excitement for the launch of the NIrV Accessible Edition: Psalms.

Mark shared this story from the launch of the NIrV Accessible Edition: New Testament:

“As the …. New Testaments were being handed out…, I found one of our Trustees …. close to tears. This friend of mine is Dyslexic himself and has a Dyslexic daughter and as he opened the New Testament he could immediately start to read it himself and he was so thrilled that not only would he be able to have a Bible in his hand that he could easily and accessibly read, but he knew that his daughter would be able to read it too”.

Please watch this video. At the end you will find a link to read more about the Accessible Bible Project.