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Christ’s Ambassadors to the Ambassadors

“They represent their nation, they have to shoulder all its burdens; it’s lonely.”

Geneva, Switzerland, is home to a very unique community. The UN European headquarters brings in about 10,000 diplomatic staff representing 193 nations and 40 other agencies.

In 2008, a man called Dr. Benjamin Levi Moses felt a call from God to come alongside these ambassadors and leaders with professional and spiritual guidance, and a unique organisation called Global Leadership Geneva-Bern (GLGB) was born.

His wife, Jessy, has helped develop the ministry and told us a bit about it:

“As ambassadors these people represent their nation, but they are lonely. They have to shoulder all the burden of their nation at the United Nations and various councils, and their families are moving from country to country, every two to four years. It’s a lifestyle with a lot of pressures and tensions.

“Benjamin is qualified in public administration as well as being a theologian. We connect with ambassadors, give them professional solutions, coaching and take Kingdom principles to them.

“90% of the diplomats we work with are either from no faith background or from a different faith background but they really appreciate our support and perspective. Very few of them have said no to a prayer.

“We are heavily involved in peace initiatives too, and God has given us opportunities at a very high level. So we use all these professional platforms to show non-Christians that there are solutions from a Biblical perspective. There are also plenty of diplomats who are Christians, but do not engage their faith at work, so we train them how to translate their Biblical values into the policies they’re working on – policies that impact the whole world.”

The Ambassadors’ Gospel

“They say, whoa! This is beautiful and amazing, what a nice tool!”

GLGB wanted to have a high-quality book to give to the ambassadors they know, and one of Jessy’s colleagues put her in touch with Biblica.

“My idea was just to have a small Gospel of John printed, but Biblica produced this special version for us called The Life of Jesus Christ – Good News for Ambassadors. People really like it. There’s no one who has ever looked at it and didn’t say, Whoa! This is beautiful and amazing, what a nice tool!”

This ‘Ambassadors’ Gospel’ is a special multi-lingual edition of John’s Gospel with text in French, English, Spanish and Arabic, alongside images and quotes from famous global leaders.

We printed over 2,000 copies for GLGB, and it’s become very popular among ambassadors, diplomats and also young people in Lausanne who can read all four languages. Jessy says:

“It’s such a beautiful tool; Benjamin carries it everywhere where he goes to give it away.

“I remember we had a delegation from Saudi Arabia in September who came to learn from us. We talked about some Swiss business principles, and also Biblical principles. We gave them a few gifts including the Ambassadors’ Gospel. One person forgot to take it home but all the others did. For us, the very fact that they took it, knowing that it is the life story of Jesus Christ, that is a big thing.

“As for the Christian ambassadors who take it, they say they really appreciate the layout, the way it’s presented, and the encouraging quotes that are in this Bible. They tell us that they love it as a beautiful and relevant gift they can give away to their peers as well.

“We believe that the Word is so powerful, and that this book been prepared with so much prayer and passion, that it will definitely reach anyone who needs to hear from God. Thank you Biblica!”

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