Share with the Lord's people...

Zambian Worn Bible

“Share with the Lord’s people who are in need.”

Romans 12:13

I'll share the Bible

£11  enough to provide two new Bibles

£30 – make it five

£55 – make it ten

£425 – could provide Bibles for a whole church plant!

How much do you enjoy spending time in the Word? You are blessed if you have your own Bible to read at home.

We have easy access to the Bible in our language. Many don’t. We can share God’s Word with others who don’t.

£30 could send five Bibles to believers who don’t have them, in remote places like rural Zambia or Ethiopia.

Thank you.

Providing Bibles to hard-to-reach churches is one wonderful way that Biblica is making God’s Word accessible to everyone, everywhere. We’ll use your kind gift where it will make the greatest impact to this mission worldwide.

 “I am really happy – previously my church were only listening to me. Now they can go through the Bible to get more knowledge.” 

– Pastor, Zambia