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Living Breath Videos

Living Breath Videos

“Living Breath Videos” produce dramatised Bible readings, using the NIV translation, for churches and other ministries.

Last month we were delighted to partner with them on their virtual launch night which included the premiere of Living Breath’s first full book of the Bible, Ruth.  Susie, an actor and performer, and Ben, director, writer and videographer, who together set up Living Breath, reflecting on the launch event, said:

We are really grateful to everyone who came to see what we are doing! It was so exciting to engage with some new people, and see the positive impact of simple Bible readings.  We are so passionate about sharing the Bible and exploring new creative ways of helping more and more people experience it in a fresh way”.

Many people joined us online, here is a selection of how they reacted:

“Wow absolutely enthralling and refreshing. Powerful tool for so many different environments. As a person with dyslexia I can see this format working very well in a small group discussion session”. Lachlan.

“This was so powerful, so refreshing! Well done Ben and the rest of the team”. Julie.

This was brilliant, looking forward to hearing more, so accessible and alive”. Carol.

As we move closer to Christmas Living Breath are working hard on a video of the first two chapters of Luke’s gospel, bringing the nativity story to life in a new and exciting way. Looking further ahead Biblica are excited to be working with Living Breath on some dramatised readings from the NIrV Accessible Edition: Psalms.

We are delighted to share with you Living Breath’s latest video, The Beatitudes, with actor Gideon Asuming in the role of Jesus.

To find out more and access a growing library of dramatised Bible readings visit