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Now Indonesian young people have their own Bible app

Reach4Life is Biblica’s ground-breaking youth discipleship Bible. We developed it specifically for young people (12-25) living in challenging situations around the world – where they are dealing with poverty, discrimination, disease, lack of rights or even imprisonment alongside all the usual trials of being a teenager.

We’ve also turned Reach4Life into a mobile app – for those who prefer it that way, and for those who live in places where it is difficult to distribute paper copies. Young people can download an app to their phone wherever they are!

Just a few months ago, we launched the app in a new, seventh language – Indonesian.

There are estimated to be around 277 million Indonesian speakers, mainly living in Indonesia, but also in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The Indonesian app features the New Testament Bible, the full Reach4Life content and extra videos, all packaged in our beautiful design, with easy navigation between the lessons and a programme guide.

In just the first few months, 11,000 people have downloaded Reach4Life in Indonesian to their phones. We’re excited to think about all the young people this represents, studying the Bible together or on their own, growing in their faith or discovering Jesus for the first time.

“I do not think I would have become who I am today if the Word of God had not touched me and changed me through reading the Bible with other youth. May God’s Word keep shining the light and bringing hope to many kids like it did for me.” – Reach4Life reader

In total, Reach4Life has been used and loved by over 2 million teenagers and young people around the world… with many more to come.

You can read more about the Reach4Life Bible here