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Far from home, but God is close

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Last Christmas in Ukraine, children were experiencing all the usual festive excitement of food, family, fun and presents, just like children everywhere in Europe.

This Christmas, how different things are.

For many, many Ukrainian children, the presents they got last Christmas are miles away now. They’ll be spending Christmas in a totally different place, having left behind their homes, schools, possessions – and even their dads. How will they celebrate?

Roksolana shares her family’s experience:

Not so long ago we lived in our home and had no idea someone would want to take away our peace, happiness or even our lives. We are now refugees; we left everything to save the lives of our children.

The war and the move was very stressful for my six year-old daughter and she had many questions for God. She wondered why we had to hide during the sirens, why Russians want to kill us, why many people die, whether a rocket would hit our house and whether her parents and little brother would survive.

I was glad that I could draw her attention to God in this catastrophe, because He is near. We left everything we had, but every day we feel God’s care and see real miracles. Trusting in Him, along with conversations and prayers with us, has helped our child to calm down.

Roksolana is part of a Biblica team preparing a special Christmas present for the children of Ukraine. It’s called The Treasure Hunt Bible.

You can read all about this wonderful study Bible for children here.

Roksolana explains:

Currently we have a lot of demand for children’s Christian literature, specifically in the Ukrainian language. I understand that God took care of this need and prompted certain people to get the Treasure Hunt Bible translated for Ukrainian children.

And we’re excited to have finished the translation in time for Christmas. Here are our translators to explain more:

For a Ukrainian child facing a strange Christmas away from home, it’s a great time to get immersed in an exciting adventure book – where they can hunt and find answers to the big questions they face, dig up words of comfort and hope, and find the treasure of God’s great love for them.

The great news is, it only costs about £5 to print and deliver each copy of The Treasure Hunt Bible in Ukrainian. You can buy and send one for Christmas!

Click here to send this great gift to one, five or ten children.

It’s not just the children who will benefit from learning to study the Bible. Our translator Tetiana believes:

This wonderful, exciting book will influence not only children but also their parents and teachers. And that is very important right now. Many people feel absolutely negative emotions due to the war. Directing the Word of God into children’s hearts will be an incredibly effective way to heal many people.

The team in Ukraine would like to say ДЯКУЮ for your generous support this Christmas. (Thank you!)