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Fleeing to Egypt; looking for hope

In April this year, rival factions of Sudan’s military government clashed violently in the capital Khartoum and the Darfur region. Despite attempts at cease-fire, the conflict continues.

Every day, 5,000 Sudanese people arrive at the Egyptian border seeking refuge. Men, women, and children have fled for their lives on crowded buses, travelling for five days with only a few possessions. Some arrive without shoes.

A small team of Biblica partners have been helping Sudanese refugees as they wait in Aswan to travel to their next destination. In temperatures of over 40°C, they offer new arrivals water, food, and medical assistance. They give out free books and resources to those who want to read while they wait.

The topics covered in some of our trauma resources grab the attention of many people who have been through so much, and they begin to read immediately about how to process what they’ve been through with a God who understands.

One lady said through tears:

“This little bag is all that we could carry out of our home. We had to run because the militia were coming and taking over the mosques, churches, and homes. Everybody was fleeing for their lives.”

Our team member Fouad reports:

“People are making temporary shelters in the streets here. They have no access to food, water, or sanitation facilities… In Aswan, we are observing more and more people who are traumatised. They experienced fighting in the streets and lost family members. They suffer from high levels of anxiety and stress.

“Sudanese women were coming and asking for our resources. We had some of Biblica’s trauma resources – When Your Whole World Changes in Arabic and A New Hope in Sudanese, which quotes from the Sermon on the Mount. We need more trauma resources like Asha in Sudanese and Arabic, to help them find comfort in the midst of uncertainties; to provide hope and healing. There’s also a real need for trauma resources for children here, like The Survivors.

“Please pray for peace and reconciliation in Sudan. Pray for the people of Sudan who have seen so much destruction in their country. And pray that we will be an instrument of Jesus’s peace, offering love and hope.

You can help to bring the resources that Fouad requested to refugees in need of hope.


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