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Starting an adventure with God

“I joined a Bible reading small group in year 10, and the Word of God changed my life.”

What age were you when you began to follow Jesus?

Reach4Life is our ground-breaking youth discipleship Bible and app. We developed it specifically for young people (12-25) living in challenging situations around the world – where they are dealing with poverty, discrimination, disease, lack of rights or even imprisonment alongside all the usual trials of being a teenager.

You can read more about it and watch a video here.

This special resource has so far helped over two million young people around the world to read the New Testament in small groups together, and to apply its wisdom to the pressing issues in their lives. There have been clear changes in teenagers’ behaviour and life choices where Reach4Life is being used, along with many finding new life in Christ.

We’re continually adding to the number of languages Reach4Life is available in, being strategic about where the need is greatest. Last year we launched a Russian translation.

This year we printed Reach4Life in both formal and colloquial Arabic for the first time. We found that there is nothing like this for young people in North Africa and the Middle East, offering guidance and the opportunity to grapple with the issues they face like the pressure to be married young.

“I took Reach4Life with me to start a secret Bible reading group.”

Reach4Life takes the reader on four journeys: how to be saved, how to grow in Christ, how to face challenges, and how to be an agent of change yourself. One young man from North Africa told us about the incredible journey God took him on after he met Jesus as a teenager through a Reach4Life discipleship group.

“I joined a Bible reading small group in year 10. I had no relationship with Christ. After four months, the Word of God changed my life, and I committed my life to Christ.

I left behind bad friends and found that my grades picked up. Despite difficulties, I got a scholarship, trained to become a doctor and moved to Cuba.

When I went, I took several copies of Reach4Life with me to start a secret Bible reading group with other young medical staff. I love getting to share about Christ with my colleagues and patients.

I do not think I would have become who I am today if the Word of God had not touched me and changed me through reading the Bible with other youth.

May God’s Word keep shining the light and bringing hope to many kids like it did for me.”

Reach4Life is part of Biblica’s mission to make God’s powerful Word accessible to the Rising Generations who will shape the future of our world.