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I felt God’s presence with me for the first time

Back in July, Scripture Union Scotland held a 5-day event that gathered nearly 900 young people from 63 churches to worship Jesus and learn from the Bible.

Youth leaders from Baptist, Episcopal, Brethren, Independent, Charismatic and Pentecostal churches and the Church of Scotland brought their youth groups to Magnitude, along with sisters, brothers and friends who were on the fence about faith in God.

“Arrived an atheist and have given my life to Christ who saved me.”

Biblica was very pleased to create a special New Testament with a cover designed just for the event, to give out to new believers. We wanted this edition to remind the young people of the experience they had at Magnitude and what God said to them there as they returned to ‘normal’ life.

These Bibles were part of a ‘new Christian pack’ that also contained some helpful follow-up materials for anybody who came to faith for the first time.

We couldn’t know how many of these packs would be given out at the event – that part was up to God. In the end, it was 85.

Kirsty from Scripture Union said: “We believe these 85 young people made commitments to Christ for the first time. A significant number also re-dedicated their lives to his service. We did a survey afterwards, and 51% of the young people there said that attending Magnitude had totally changed their faith for the better. The fruit of what God was doing in and through young people and youth leaders at Magnitude was very evident.”

Here are a few of the incredible testimonies left by Scottish young people at Magnitude:

“Thank you Jesus for helping me, my sister and my brother this week. My brother and I have become Christians and have felt his peace.”

“After feeling abandoned for years, this week I have found faith in the Lord again.”

“I was set free from anxiety and worry. Arrived an atheist and have given my life to Christ who saved me.”

“God has given me the courage to share my faith in my community.”

“Before I came to Magnitude, I was quite sad with life in general. I felt confused and really tired, emotionally, physically and mentally. I didn’t believe in Jesus, and I was overall alone and somewhat unhappy. And when I arrived, I met the most incredible, kind, genuine and sincere best friends ever and within five days, Magnitude changed my life. For the better. I encountered God and his love. And I felt genuine happiness which I was seeking for so very long.”

We are excited to think of all the young people who went back to school or college with a life-changing new faith and who are now getting to know God through their very own Bible.

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