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Hillsong Stockholm

Hillsong Stockholm

Biblica are delighted to be able to partner with churches and ministries across Europe. Recently we partnered with Hillsong Church in Stockholm, helping them to custom their own Swedish Bible called ‘I have decided’ for their outreach work.

In the last two years the church have given away 4,000 bibles to people who are new to their faith or don’t have a bible. David Rindefors who is part of the church leadership team tells us his story:

“I have been part of the team in Hillsong Stockholm since 2012. To be part of giving a Bible to someone who has just decided to follow and build a relationship with Jesus is something that never ceases to be incredibly special. I can think of multiple occasions when the Bible has been given out as a gift and it has enabled people to progress in their faith, opened up new revelation and brought light and life in hopeless situations.”

Here are just a few stories that David has shared with us:

  • A girl, not raised in a Christian family, came to church with her friend one Sunday. She raised her hand during the invitation to salvation. She was given a Bible and she decided to start reading.
  • One girl in David’s fellowship group shared about her journey to the church. She had her Bible, the one she received the first time she went to church and made her decision, about a year ago. Written at the beginning of her Bible is the date she made her decision, which will always serve as a reminder to her.
  • A girl in David’s prayer group has struggled to read the Bible since she became a Christian four years ago, but it wasn’t until she started reading the ‘I have decided’ bible that it really fell into place. She has now read the entire New Testament and has grown enormously in her faith.