Dear Theo

Introducing Theo

A doctor called Luke, gathers stories and details about a man who had turned his world upside down – a man who changed his life and whose life had changed history. He writes them down in a letter to his friend Theo.

Dear Theo is a unique edition of Luke–Acts, with specially commissioned illustrations, aimed at younger readers, encouraging them to read and engage with God’s story for themselves. This is an epic journey with Jesus, the Son of God, and his first followers.

Features of this unique edition include:

– A specially designed clear font

– Unique illustrations by Jason Ramasami

– Single–column format, with no verses or chapter numbers for easy reading

– Audio and print format

Dear Theo can be used in conjunction with Community Bible Experience, using a 6 week reading plan included in the book. For more information on how Dear Theo might work for your group, contact us on