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The Christian Medical Fellowship

The Christian Medical Fellowship was formed in 1949 and exists to unite and equip Christian doctors, nurses and midwives to live and speak for Jesus Christ. Currently the membership includes approximately 5,000 doctors, 900 medical, nursing and midwifery students and 300 nurses and midwives.

The aims of the CMF are:

  • Discipleship – to unite Christian healthcare professionals and students in Christ and encourage them to deepen their faith, live like Christ and serve him obediently, particularly through acting competently and with compassion in their clinical practice.
  • Evangelism – to encourage Christian healthcare professionals and students to be witnesses for Christ amongst all those they meet.
  • Mission – to mobilise and support all Christian healthcare professionals and students in serving Christ throughout the world.
  • Values – to promote Christian values in society, especially, but not limited to, the areas of bioethics and healthcare.

Read more about what CMF does on their website:

In 2016 Biblica produced a custom version of the gospel written by Doctor Luke for CMF appropriately called A Physician’s Story. Since then hundreds of copies have been given to members to use as evangelistic resources with colleagues and fellow students and some distributed at outreach events, such as the London Healthcare Carol Service.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic CMF ran a 40 episode podcast series called “Voices from the Front Line” featuring healthcare professionals in the UK and other parts of the world.  In the 40th episode Audrey, a Consultant Anaesthetist working in an Intensive Care Unit in Glasgow shared some of her experience from the previous few months. She describes it as a rollercoaster with mountain tops of fun and very low valleys dealing with a significant number of deaths to the disease, and the intense grief experienced by staff as they accompanied people in the final moments of their lives in the absence of family. She also shares how she has seen the sacrifice of so many healthcare staff, and how she has been able to share Jesus with people in the middle of all of this.

We recommend you listen to some of these at and check out their Instagram accounts at  and

Other resources on the CMF website includes a seven-day guide to praying for Christian healthcare workers and how to care for healthcare workers in your church family.

At Biblica we highly commend these resources and encourage you to make use of them.  We look forward to developing new resources with the CMF.