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Chinese Bibles- An update!

For all of you who have generously donated to the work of our Million Chinese Bibles, we want to say a huge thank you! We have had some contact with some of the recipients of the Contemporary Chinese Bible and we wish to tell you their stories.

The Chinese people were grateful that we have provided these Bibles free of charge to them– which is all thanks to our donors. With inflation and cost of living rising, many can barely afford the daily basic necessities of life. Our Bibles provide some comfort and help to those searching for the peace and relief from the daily pressures of life. As a church member said, “Thank you for giving these Bibles to us. We cannot afford to buy them and therefore we are grateful to receive your gift of love.”

We hope that you will be as impacted and encouraged by their stories as what we are. Enjoy reading…

Qu is a 55 year–old government employee. He has been pastoring a house church of 60–70 people in the weekends and during his spare time. He recieved the CCB last year and found it so helpful to his pastoral/evangelistic ministry. He is using the Bible in his preaching and his congregation told him that they can understand the scripture very clearly, as the text is crystal clear and self–explanatory. He cited Hebrews 11:1 as an example, saying that the older Chinese Union Version uses a more traditional style of expression (using few words, a typical feature of classic Chinese) but unclear in meaning for most non–believers. Whereas the CCB text is so clear that no one will miss the point when reading it.

Qu gave copies of the CCB to two colleagues in his department and shared the gospel with them. Both are now believers and faithful followers of Jesus. He also gave his son and daughter copies of the CCB. They had previously shown little interest in reading the old Chinese Union Bible, however, their attitude towards Bible reading has changed recently since they were introduced to the CCB. They found it both easy to read and understand and they have now finished reading the New Testament!

Here is an encouraging story from a man who explained that members of his church made a special trip to Macau as tourists just to get some copies of CCB last May. He explained what actually happened when some of their non–believing friends who went to Macau and received some copies of the bible at the tourist site. “They brought the CCB back home to China. When the church members read the CCB that their unbelieving friends brought home from Macau, the church members found these Bibles clear in meaning and so easy to understand. The church members then decided to spend a few thousand Chinese Renminbi dollars (RMB) each to travel to Macau, in order to get some CCB and brought them back to China.”

What an encouraging story to us!