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What can happen when you give away a Bible?

Exodus invested in Bibles for their young people to give away

Exodus is a Christian Youth Organisation in Northern Ireland with a passion for Disciple Making.  Every year they run a programme called ‘The Influencers Academy.’

In it’s first year, the group of 16–21 year old ‘Influencers’ were challenged to give away a Bible to people that they know who don’t yet know Jesus. Exodus contacted Biblica to get 200 low–cost Bibles and the stories of impact are incredible!

One of those influencers was very apprehensive about giving a Bible to someone, but she invited one of her friends for coffee and brought the Bible with her just in case. They were casually chatting, when her friend, out of the blue, asked her about a Bible verse she had just seen on a poster on her way in. The influencer took out the Bible she had brought for her friend and started to explain God’s Word and then gave her the Bible.

This influencer was so honoured by how God could’ve used anyone to do that with her friend but He chose her:  “A few days ago I would never have thought I would have been able to do that, prayer changes things, God gave me the opportunity, and God helped me take that opportunity

Another student gave a Bible to the girl in the room next to her in student halls. For weeks they sat together, reading the Bible.  The influencer took the time to answer her friend’s questions as they read through God’s Word. A few weeks later the Influencer took another bold step and invited the girl to her CU where she gave her life to Jesus! Isn’t it incredible how God’s Word prepares and softens the hearts of others?

The Influencer’s Academy has now spread to 7 regions across Ireland, and as the project has developed, so has the partnership between Exodus and Biblica Europe.  This year Exodus produced customised copies of ‘Acts: The adventure of Radical Obedience,’ using the NIV text.

Acts: The Adventure of Radical Obedience
Acts: The Adventure of Radical Obedience

“We would like to express our sincere thanks for the use of the NIV version of Acts, as it has enabled us to equip over 150 young people with the devotional booklet ‘Acts: The Adventure of Radical Obedience.”
– Jose Cummings, Exodus UK & Ireland Director


To start your own story, you can invest in low–cost Bibles here, or find out more about producing a customised project by clicking here.

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