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Just a thought for the bank holiday weekend...

How great is it that we have a long weekend to look forward to?

I always find that when we have an extra day to rest and catch up with friends and family, we have more time to think and pray and reflect over things– well I do anyway!

The one thing that I will be reflecting on is how far Biblica have come over the last 6 months. God has been good, and encouraged us to really reach out and trust in Him. God has shown us that thinking big is no bad thing when we have Him to help us along the way. This is truely the case for our “Million Chinese Bibles” and we are seeking His help for trying to get 1 million Bibles into the hands of Chinese people.

I know that you are probably bombarded with charities and your church asking for money, and we understand the hard economic times we live in at the moment and how much we all have to really clamp down on our spending and who we are giving our money to. However, we have been really encouraged by people giving either by one off donations or on a monthly basis to the China project and we want to say a huge thank you to those people.

However we are only at the beginning of this journey and we still in need of support, it only cost £2 to send a Chinese Bible and we hope that people will understand the need to get the bible into their hands. Imagine not being able to read the bible you currently have, because it’s in a type of language you cannot read? Maybe your church has Chinese people in attendance, or you know of Chinese people who don’t have a bible and would really love one to give them. In the latter case, we will send you as many as you need and ask for a donation in return. We have found a couple of churches in NI in particular who have done just this and are so thankful for the Bibles.

The stories we have heard back are so encouraging and have given us renewed passion for seeking new support for this work. Is this something you want to be involved in? Is there someone you know that would love one of these bibles? If so, get in touch!

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy your bank holiday weekend.

Laura and the rest of the Biblica team :)