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Easter in the Park

farsi bibles easter in the park

Biblica serves ministries and churches on the frontline of the Gospel by creating Scripture outreach resources tailored toward those who desperately need God’s Word – the unreached, unengaged, unchurched, unwanted an unseen. Our work started by reaching out to immigrants arriving on Ellis Island, and an important aspect of our work today continues to be among refugees.

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Helping Hands has been working among refugees in Greece since 2016. Ben* lives in Athens with his wife and two young children, and since 2020 he has had the role of Program Coordinator.

Ben said “We want to see lives transformed and we therefore plant gospel seeds in the lives of our refugee friends that, by God’s grace, will grow and bear fruit.”  He continued “We are always amazed how God uses his Word to touch people. For many refugees, it is the first time they have had access to God’s Word without needing to fear.”

In May 2021 Helping Hands were able to begin distributing 700 New Testaments in Farsi, provided by Biblica to help resource their work. Ben said that Easter each year is the best time for them to share their faith as it is a significant part of Greek culture and celebrated as a religious holiday. Helping Hands usually celebrate by proving meals to a large number of people, but due to COVID-19 they had to creatively adapt their plans in 2021.

Over four days, twelve families per day were invited to a park, in 30-minute intervals, to play games, and hear the gospel through storytelling and watch a 3-minute video from the book of Matthew.

One of the activities was a scavenger hunt through the park. At the end of this each person received traditional Easter sweet bread and red egg (which represents the blood of Christ), an Easter coloring book for the children, an SD card containing 2 videos from ‘The Bible Project’ on the Crucifixion and Resurrection, and a copy of the New Testament in Farsi. What a great gift pack!

Ben was able to share about a refugee family who were invited to the Easter in the Park celebration. On their journey as refugees they had heard the gospel and were intrigued by the teaching of the Bible. As a result of following Christ, the man had been transformed, and he no longer treats his wife badly. In the park, the woman was deeply affected when she heard that Mary, Jesus’ mother, had been a witness to His suffering. And as she has thought more about this, she is coming to better understand what her salvation means.

Ben said “Please pray for this family as they, along with their two young children settle, if only for a while in Athens and that we would be used by God as vessels of His hope, helping them grow on their journey with Him.”

*not his real name

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