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New Generation – Sweden

New Generation - Sweden

Biblica partnered with New Generation in Sweden to produce a new edition of a Swedish New Testament which has been given out across schools in Sweden.

The New Testament contains 64 colour pages to help the reader understand what the Bible is all about and explains, among other things, what Christians believe and who Jesus is.

Christian school groups in Sweden distributed the Bibles at celebrations or to a friend over a coffee. The work continues across Sweden and it is amazing to hear some of the good news stories:

Ebba Rose, Tenhult

On the 17th of December 2015 Ebba wrote a note and put it in a Bible and left it in the common room at her school. She wanted to inspire people to take it up and read it and also hoped that someone would take it home. On the note she wrote a suggestion for the reader to find anything they wanted (a song, a film etc) that would fit what they were reading. Ebba comments, “I wanted to try and involve the Word in everyday life.” On the 3rd February someone had taken the Bible home!

One school in Sweden

Over the Christmas period one school wrapped these bibles up and stuck personal notes in them to each student. Over 18 people came to Christ in just one school!

Anton Fust, Linköping

Anton and his New Generation group of 14 people ordered 30 Bibles. They took the Bibles and handed them out personally to people as Christmas presents in 2015. Anton himself gave Bibles to three people, he wrapped them and wrote little cards. These presents have since become great starting points for conversations about faith.

Hillevi Herrmann, Uppsala

Hillevi bought Bibles and has started handing them out to people. Some of them she has given to people in her school but she has also given them to some people she met in town. She gave one to a bus driver which led to a long conversation about faith! It turns out he had a Christian neighbour that had led him to the Lord but as he said “he didn’t live actively with Jesus now”. Hillevi giving him a Bible out of the blue felt important to him and he said that he needs to come back to Jesus. He contacted Hillevi after this incident and thanked her again for giving him the Bible.