Impact Stories

Jennifer’s Story

Our people are people… but it’s far more important that they know the Word of God and know what God has done for them.

Imagine if you spent years not having a Bible you could call your own? Imagine being expected to engage with a Bible that you struggle to read because either the text was too small, the pages too thin, the colour of paper not right or the language not clear?

Meet Jennifer. Jennifer has spent years not having a Bible that she can call her own. Her mother has spent years trying to find a Bible that was suitable for her.



So much work is being done across our schools and in our secular community to serve the needs of those with intellectual needs or visual impairment, however the Church has fallen far behind. It is not acceptable for everyone to be given the same Bible, regardless of their needs, and be expected to engage with it.

For us at Biblica, accessing the Word of God is our whole mission. So, it is incredibly exciting to be working on a project to present the Word of God in a format that really is accessible to those with additional needs. 

This is the first Bible that we can say yes we have got it, and we are delighted!

Watch this video to hear Jennifer’s story and find out how lives are being transformed through Biblica’s NIrV Accessible Edition of the New Testament.

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