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Introducing the NIrV Accessible Edition

For many of us, reading the Bible is a simple, daily activity, but for millions of individuals with sight loss, learning disabilities or lower levels of literacy, accessing God’s Word can be a real struggle.

We believe that the Bible is the Word of God and the most powerful book ever written – therefore as an organisation, we remain committed to the development of quality translations and increasing access to this life–changing book.

The Bible plays a central role in evangelism, personal discipleship and deepening faith. It allows us to more fully understand the person we are and the identity we have in Christ. It encourages us to develop our gifts in order to bless others and contribute to the Body of Christ in the way God intended. As an individual, it enables us to develop a personal relationship with an abundantly personal God.

The NIrV Accessible Edition is one step towards greater Bible access and inclusion within the church. Ensuring that everyone has access to the Bible is at the very heart of the message contained within it. You were made by God. You are loved by God. You matter to God. You are equal to all others in God’s sight. And God wants you to know Him through His Word.

Developed in partnership with Livability, Torch Trust and Urban Saints, the NIrV Accessible Edition uses Biblica’s NIrV translation and features:

• Shorter sentences and simpler language
• A specially designed (16pt) font
• More white space
• Single column setting
• Simpler navigation
• Accompanying ebook and audio versions

How can you get involved?

• Order copies of Matthew’s Gospel the full New Testament on our website.

• Help us to continue development of Old Testament volumes and give copies free of charge to those who most need them, by donating to the project.

• Find out more about how you can get involved by contacting us on


NIrV Accessible Edition logo

NIrV Accessible Edition logo

Project Partners: Livability, Torch Trust & Urban Saints

Also, endorsed by: Spring Harvest, Through the Roof, TIO, Count Everyone In


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