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Stuck at home, but still sharing Jesus!

“Life before lockdown wasn’t always a bed of roses. But it was normal and predictable… usually… Now everything seems unknown. What does the future hold? Is there a door of hope?”

In partnership, Biblica and HOPE Together produced Hope in Uncertain Times – a booklet pointing to hope for now and for eternity.

Churches have ordered copies. Individuals have ordered copies. Mr and Mrs Wright have ordered over 100 copies.
Mr Wright had Guillain-Barre syndrome, followed by other health complications and is tetraplegic.  Two, often different, carers come into their home four times daily. Seeing this as an opportunity, Mr and Mrs Wright have been offering each of the carers a booklet.

On receiving the booklet, one of the carers shared how she went to Sunday School when she was a child and was pleased to recite John 3:16. So blessed by the booklet the carer asked for some copies to send to her Granny in a care home in Scotland.

Mrs Wright said

“We are stuck at home, but through this booklet we can reach others with the hope we have in Jesus.”

What an inspiration! “They will still bear fruit in old age” Psalms 92:12-15