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A Physician’s Testimony – in Italian

“I have read the Gospel of Luke with great pleasure. I found it really easy to understand and it impressed me. Thank You very much.” Giovanni.

Some regions of Italy were among the hardest hit at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Images of hospitals and medical staff under pressure featured on news channels across Europe.

Appropriately, it was into this situation that CLC Italy (Crociata del Libro Cristiano – Crusade of the Christian book) received 10,000 special copies of A Physician’s Testimony – Dr Luke’s Gospel,  to distribute.

CLC was born out of Worldwide Evangelisation for Christ (WEC) in the UK. It is now in over 50 countries worldwide. CLC Italy started in 1954 in Florence and has 6 bookshops across the country.

Andreas Bader, based in Sicily, has responsibility for Warehousing and Publishing. Andreas came to know the Lord when he was 15 at school during a break between lessons when another student shared his faith. From the start, reading God’s word and Christian books were really important for Andreas. That passion led him to missionary work in Italy with CLC.

This was not usual in Italy. Andreas said “In the past Bible reading has been strongly discouraged by the catholic church, so many Italians are completely unaware of the Gospel and caught in a somewhat superficial, traditional faith.

Having worked with Biblica over a couple of years on a new translation of the Bible into modern Italian, CLC wanted to produce with Biblica a customised version of the gospel of Luke, specially designed to speak to people at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Gospel’s are being distributed without charge through CLC bookshops, their website and through churches all over Italy, and they have been well received as these responses indicate:

“I found the translation to be fresh and modern. Easily understood, suitable especially for those reading the Bible for the first time.” Barbara

“I find this special edition of the Gospel of Luke very encouraging. I’m reading it with my 21-year-old son and we like flow of the text and the modern translation. It is just what I was looking for to be able to share God’s Word with others.” A pastor’s wife in Milan

Andreas is looking forward to working further with Biblica on other editions of this Gospel, producing study versions for Christian leaders and pastors. He hopes that they will soon be able to produce the second part of Dr Luke’s writings, the book of Acts.

For now, would you join us in praying for the ongoing situation in Italy. Andreas said “Unfortunately there have been many restrictions on church activity and the majority of Christian events had to be cancelled. However, there is a constant flow of booklets going out and we pray that they may reach those that are looking for the Lord, that they will find meaning to their existence, and that His Word is Life.”

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