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The Balding Bishop & 3000 Gospels of Luke

The Adventures of the Ginger Vicar and the Balding Bishop is an innovative project of Share Jesus International (SJI).


Over six episodes Andy Frost (Balding Bishop) and Rich Ellerington (Ginger Vicar), share adventures and stories of meeting people in Costa Rica, Panama, Norway, Morocco and the USA, while gradually exploring the Christian narrative.  Great resources for school assemblies and youth events and can be accessed here: The Adventures of the Ginger Vicar and the Balding Bishop

We want to give people the opportunity to discover who Jesus is

To help people further explore who Jesus is, SJI and Biblica partnered on the production of a custom edition of Luke’s Gospel, as an accompaniment to the YouTube channel ‘GVBB adventures‘. It includes some great graphics and an introduction which challenges people to read the story of Jesus for themselves.

Watch this short video as Andy Frost takes delivery of 3,000 copies of this custom version of Luke’s Gospel.


Balding Bishop from biblicaeurope on Vimeo.

If you want to find out how we can work with you in providing customised Bible resources, please visit our website or email us at to start a conversation.