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Supporting Book Aid

Within Biblica Europe, we are delighted to work with a range of partner ministries and publishers across the UK, Europe and further afield. We regularly receive sample bibles from these ministries which we keep for archive purposes. But from time to time we are delighted to be able to pass on some of these to other ministries working in the UK and beyond. In this third story we find out about some of the work that book Aid are doing getting the Word of God into the hands of those who need it.

Book Aid Charitable Trust was set up in the 1980s in response to a plea from countries in which economic crises and foreign currency restrictions had reduced supplies of Christian books to an all–time low. Since 1988, over 30 million Christian books and Bibles have been shipped by Book Aid to many places across Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

There are a number of collection points across the UK, one being in Templepatrick, Co. Antrim looked after by Billy and Barbara Stewart, who have been involved for over 15 years. Billy and Barbara network with people, collect books and sort them before packing and shipping them overseas.

Book Aid

Book Aid

When the books reach their destination they are sold at affordable prices, with the money raised going towards local ministries and literature initiatives. Any books that are not required overseas are sold in the UK through Book Aid bookshops, and the money raised used to cover shipping costs. Sometimes, the more scholarly books are shipped to resource Bible College libraries to support the training of pastors and teachers. 

Billy and Barbara were delighted to receive a call from Biblica asking if they would be able to send some Bibles abroad. Reflecting on the work that they have been involved in Billy and Barbara said:

The ministry has taught us the value of Christian literature. The Bibles received from Biblica were included with other books that were sent on to pastors, teachers and others in Africa who could not afford to pay for them.

One of the highlights over the years for Billy and Barbara was seeing how Book Aid was able to restock an entire Christian library on the Thai–Burmese border which had been burnt out.

You can visit or contact Billy and Barbara at:
Book Aid
Haven Christian Centre
44 Rickamore Road Upper
Co. Antrim
N. Ireland BT39 0JE

Please telephone before visiting to check that the shop is open (028 9058 9742).

For more information on Book Aid, and to find out about other shops and collection points please visit book–, email: or telephone 020 8778 2145