Baljaffray Parish Church

It is really great for us to hear how Churches have got on doing Community Bible Experience. We just love to hear how it impacted their church or their communities around them.

Has your Church or group completed CBE? If so get in touch– we would love to profile your story!

Read on to hear how Baljaffray Parish Church in Glasgow got on…

1.      Hi Moira, can you tell us how many were involved in CBE at your church?

There were 103 of us in total that completed it.

2.      Which campaign of Community Bible Experience did you complete?

The New Testament campaign.

3.      What impact did completing Community Bible Experience have on your church?

At the time of doing the CBE there was a real buzz not only in church but in the community. People were talking about reading the bible at the school gate, at the sports centre, down the street and at the shops . It was amazing!

4.      Do you have any stories of impact?

We had groups which met at different times during the week. When it came to the end, two of our groups who did not already belong to a Bible Study group decided to keep going with other bible studies after CBE was over.

Every week on Sunday during worship we showed a video of people sitting on their sofas. talking about their experience during the week. It was good for others to hear what was happening in other groups and how it wasn’t all plain sailing.


A big thank you to this church for their feedback!