CBE goes French

It’s so exciting for us when the Community Bible Experience is translated into another language. Our partners Excelsis in France were so excited about the programme that they wanted it in French!

We caught up with Joël Short from Excelsis to hear all about how his church got on with completing the Community Bible Experience New Testament “La Bible, une expérience ensemble”.

1.  Hi Joel, can you tell us a bit about your partnership with Biblica?

Excelsis is a long–term partner of Biblica in France. We fight to promote Bible reading in a very secular country. We explored many forms to encourage people to read the Bible: Study Bible, Youth edition, Couples editions– all using Biblica’s French translation “La Bible du Semeur”.

We think Community Bible Experience will be a great tool to reach the French culture in a simple, friendly way in the form of a book club.

2. Tell us about how you hope to launch CBE in France.

We received the first books and bookmarks mid–September from the printer and have just started a dedicated website with French resources. For the next 3 years, we will invite church leaders to a friendly breakfast in every region of France to tell them about CBE. We will visit church organisations and attend special events to highlight the project. We also plan to use local media outlets to connect with people.

3. How has the project impacted people/church/organisation?

As the main employee in charge of promoting CBE in France, I really wanted to lead a book club in my own church first, with the 8 weeks New Testament reading plan. I asked leaders in my church, near Paris, if I could ask a few people to join me. The whole church decided to join in the end– which is amazing!

So since mid–September 2018, 11 small groups started to read the New Testament. I’m in charge of a “Breakfast and book club” on a Sunday morning for people who are not usually in a small group. We pray that people will be transformed by their reading and will encourage other churches to engage in the project by their testimonies.

Joel's family selling the books

Joel's family selling the books

4. Tell us of one story of impact from the project?

This is all still new for us, but I’m already amazed by our first “Breakfast and book club” meeting. Two women shared how reading the Gospel of Luke changed the way they react in their non–Christian families and at work. One man shared how he now turns off all screens and phones each evening to fully read the book. I am eager to see what will follow in the next few weeks.

We look forward to hearing more about how CBE rolls out in France. If you are reading this and are in France and want some copies get in touch with Joel on email

Breakfast and the Bible

Breakfast and the Bible