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Shankill Community Fellowship

 I hope God breaks the chains in the community…

Reading the Bible together

Reading the Bible together

For more than 30 years Northern Ireland faced a violent internal conflict known as “The Troubles”.

More than 3,000 people were killed and injured on both sides of the political and religious divide.

The Shankill Road in Belfast and the surrounding areas were some of the most deeply affected by the violence. There were more people killed on the Shankill Road than anywhere else across the Province.

Currently the Shankill communities are recognised as one of the most deprived areas in Europe. The only hope for the community is to be set free by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Shankill Community Fellowship is situated on the Shankill Road and has been working within the community to help make the Bible apply to the realities in a difficult world.

Hear the stories from those who are a part of this fellowship and how their lives have been changed by reading the Bible and engaging with it.