Translation & Access

We believe that the Bible is the Word of God and the most powerful book ever written. As Biblica moves into its third century of ministry with a fresh focus on helping people read and live the Bible well, we remain committed to the development of quality translations and increasing access to this life–changing book.

Increasing access, improving engagement

Our key goal in this area is to increase access and engagement for the top 100 strategic languages, representing over five billion people in every major continent of the world. Almost one third of this top 100 are European languages. Europe is a large, complex and rapidly changing region. The need for good, accurate, and accessible translations is as great as any time in history.  Our European translation work is widening access to quality translations year on year. We also make our translations freely available to other organisations working in the area of bible translation.  We want to ensure that people across Europe have the ability to get their hands on a translation they can understand, in the contemporary “heart” language of their country and in a format they can engage with effectively. For a snapshot of our work across the region, please see our interactive map.

Philosophy of Translation

Our overarching philosophy of translation can be summarised as enabling readers and listeners to read and hear the Bible as it was originally written and to understand the Bible as it was originally intended. Our translators pay equal attention to both the original source language and the target language. We also systematically and strategically update our translations in order to ensure both accuracy and readability.

A team of translators working on a European translation project

A team of translators working on a European translation project

Formats that people can engage with

Not only is it important that we provide accurate and understandable translations but also that these translations are in easy to read formats, as well as audio and digital versions. We are committed to removing barriers to God’s Word wherever they exist, enabling everyone to read and engage with the Bible well. Projects such as Community Bible Experience and the Accessible Bible are key in this area.


We work with publishing and ministry partners across the region to ensure that as many people as possible have access to our translations. You can find out more by looking at how we are involved in Resourcing Mission


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