Community Bible Experience is a revolutionary way to gather together and read the Bible much like the way it would have been read by the early church….

….the complete Bible, understood in context, experienced in community!

We have more bibles and ways to access Scripture than ever before. We can pull it up on our smartphones or have it delivered to our inboxes. And yet according to a survey carried out by Evangelical Alliance in 2012 and Reveal in 2008, people are reading their bible far less than they did a generation ago. 

One of the most important practices to aid spiritual growth is regular, meaningful engagement with God’s Word.

Too often we read the Bible in fragments, more aware of individual verses than the complete story…..

Read the Bible as it was written, in complete books not broken up by chapters and verses.

Too often we read without understanding the context in which it was written.  Unable to make sense of it we put it down in frustration and leave it to the ‘professionals’ to do the work for us….

Read the Bible it in its original context, as it happens, giving us a bigger picture of God’s unfolding story.

Too often we read in isolation.  We’ve turned Bible reading into a purely private discipline – something that begins and ends with me….

Read the Bible together – joining in small groups to talk through God’s word and its contemporary application for us today.

Register below and join this revolutionary journey through the Bible and watch how God will transform you and your community along the way.