How it works

One Story…Many Books…Endless Possibilities

Community Bible Experience has many entry points for you to start reading the Bible.

  • The Story – Luke and Acts
  • New Testament
  • Covenant History
  • The Writings
  • The Prophets
  • The Complete Bible

Get Together

Gather your church, your small group, a few friends—and commit to reading the Bible together using one of the Community Bible Experience programmes.

Read Big

Choose from the range of reading plans and find one that suits your group.  As you meet together over the weeks, you’ll read a completely different presentation of the full text. You’ll read whole books—not just bits and pieces. By the end you’ll have read through whole books and large sections of the Bible – giving you a more complete picture of God’s great story and your part in it.


Each week, you’ll meet in small groups to discuss what you’re reading. These gatherings are designed to feel more like a book club than a traditional Bible study. They’re an opportunity to share how God’s story is impacting each person—what inspires, surprises, puzzles, or challenges us. There’s no advance preparation required for participants or small group leaders, other than keeping up with each day’s reading.

Hundreds of churches in the UK and Ireland have already taken part and their feedback is inspiring others to join Community Bible Experience every week. Lives are being changed and faith deepened as people become more engaged with the Bible. Sign up now for the Welcome Pack and links to these stories and everything else you’ll need to prepare for this journey.