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Kurdish (Sorani) Bible

Kurdish (Sorani) Bible

Kurdî Soranî Standard

The Kurdish Sorani Standard Bible (KSS) is the first Sorani Kurdish translation of the Bible. There are introductions to the New Testament, and to each book, as well as footnotes. The Appendix has a Glossary, Names of People, Names of Places, Maps, Timelines, and other material including a summary of the message of the Bible.

This full hardback edition features a burgundy hardback cover.

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ISBN 9781563208690

Language Sorani

Translation Kurdî Soranî Standard

Publication Date 2016

Cover Type HB

Bible Portion FB

RRP £18.99

Product Size (mm) 242 (h)
165 (w)
30 (d)

Weight 1019g

No of Pages 1600

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