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NIV Popular Hardback Petals

NIV Popular Hardback Petals

NIVUK: New International Version

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Popular Hardback NIV with revised British text. Suitable for church or personal use. Attractive setting, with high quality printing and binding and low cost ministry price.

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1 x case of 20 £150.00 £7.50

5 x case of 20 £145.00 £7.25

10 x case of 20 £140.00 £7.00

25 x case of 20 £135.00 £6.75

ISBN 9781908880727

Language English

Translation NIVUK: New International Version

Publication Date 2011

Cover Type HB

Bible Portion FB

RRP £7.99

Pack Code NIVHBPetals20

Case Quantity 20

Case Price £150.00

Product Size (mm) 203 (h)
142 (w)
33 (d)

Weight 596g

No of Pages 1271

Font Size 9pt

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