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#CBEadvent challenge

#CBEadvent challenge launches on our facebook page!

Read through John’s Gospel, letters and Revelation through Advent and reflect on Jesus’ first and second coming.

We would love it if you could read with us in the Books of the Bible, New Testament (part of Community Bible Experience) however you can read from any bible.

We have helpfully set out what you need to read each day and will be posting on our facebook page the verse of the day.

We would love it on a Saturday or a Sunday if you comment what you thought of the readings and simply what you learnt from the week. Don’t worry we will post some questions to guide you.

Remember when you are sharing or talking about the challenge to #CBEadvent


Happy reading folks!

Join us for the _CBEadvent Challenge FINAL FINAL

Join us for the _CBEadvent Challenge FINAL FINAL