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New year is coming and with it comes resolutions...



 “This year I’ll get to the gym more.”

“This year I’ll stop [insert some disgusting habit]”

“This year I’ll spend more time reading my Bible.”

How often have we promised the latter to ourselves? The Bible is God’s living Word and we know it has something to say to us. Research by Evangelical Alliance back in 2011 showed that how much time we spend reading our Bible is a massive influence in shaping our lifestyle, attitudes and behaviour. In other words reading our Bible is transformative to our lives.

Why then are 700 Christians a day stopping reading the Bible?

Our Community Bible Experience–the complete Bible, read in context, and in community– seeks to tackle this very problem. Liquid Church in New Jersey is a great example of how transformative taking part in Community Bible Experience can be. You can watch their whole story here, but they found had over 3000 people sign up to read the New Testament over 40 days and over 100 people coming to faith.

More than 300 UK Churches have already taken part in Community Bible Experience and we want to give church leaders the chance to find out more about it.  

Therefore come join us on January 16th 2014 to discover the transformational impact Community Bible Experience can have on a churches Bible engagement. The event will be hosted by our Director for Europe, Stephen Cave, and Evangelical Alliance’s Executive Director: Mission for churches in England, Krish Kandiah and there will also be the chance to speak to Simon Jones, Bromley Baptist church about the impact Community Bible Experience had on his church.

Register here now!

Becky Miles