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The Portrait Gospel

“The Last Supper is, for me, the central image of Christianity. I think it’s significant that this was the way that Jesus asked to be remembered – round a table, with food and friends”. ID Campbell

The Portrait Gospel takes the true story of the life of Jesus Christ, as told by Luke, and uses illustrations by Iain Campbell using modern day Glaswegians as his models, bringing 21st century life to the words of a first century disciple.

Biblica partnered with the Scottish Bible Society in this customised Gospel.

Working in Partnership with ministries and organisations across Europe, Biblica has delivered millions of Bibles and Bible portions in a translation and format relevant for many different contexts. A customised Bible has proven to be a very effective way of reaching people with God’s word. Watch this short video to see a range of recent projects.

If you are interested in exploring further, visit our website for a quotation. It might surprise you how affordable some of the options are. For example, a Gospel with your own cover and 8 pages inside for your own content starts around £1 per copy for 1000, but for 5000 could be less than 50p.

Alternatively email us at [email protected] to start a conversation.