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30 Years with The Sycamore Club

The Sycamore Club is for adults with learning difficulties. While it has been running for a bit longer, it has been led by Derek and Tanya Polley since 1990 – an incredible 30 years!

Normally meeting in West Church, Bangor, The Sycamore Club members enjoy music, singing, dance, drama and art and use these activities to illustrate Bible stories and truths. The emphasis is on fun and fellowship whilst making the members more aware of the love of God.

The Sycamore Club was initially affiliated with a UK wide organisation ‘Prospects’, before Prospects became part of the Livability family in May 2016.  At Biblica we know Livability well, as one of the partners we worked with on the NIrV Accessible Edition.

NIrV Accessible Edition: New Testament

NIrV Accessible Edition: New Testament

For many, reading the Bible is a simple, daily activity. For others, including those who attend The Sycamore Club accessing God’s Word can be a real challenge.

As lockdown hit, The Sycamore Club were no longer able to meet together. Many of the members had to shield.  Initially Derek and Tanya phoned members, carers, parents and helpers to see if anyone needed help. Thankfully, at the time we talked to Derek, all member were OK, and keeping well.

We were able to support Derek and Tanya by providing them with free copies of the NIrV Accessible Edition, paid for by a donation from New Horizon – a seven–day Christian festival set on the north coast of Northern Ireland. 

Speaking on how they have used the Bibles Derek said 

When things started to ease we took Bibles to twenty of our members who live with their parents or in supported living. All were delighted to get them and grateful that we had been able to access the Bibles and deliver them.

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