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The Bible is meant to be a shared experience...

I have had the privledge of getting out to film those leaders and participants who have completed The Community Bible Experience. It was a joy to listen to their stories of how they got on personally and also with the others they did it with. Lindsey also has had the opporunity to gain some feedback from participants, and we have listed below some comments to encourage you:

“A 19 year old was so blown away by his CBE experience he has since re–read the NT and then read the entire OT – now reading the whole Bible through every six months.” Pastor of Church in Belfast

“Many sceptics became massive advocates by the end” Pastor of a Church in Bangor, Co Down.

“It has really helped many of the congregation to get back into the Bible in a real way.”Minister of a Church in Belfast.

So as you can see, we can be encouraged by the changes in churches, youth groups, bible study groups etc that have occured since completed the Community Bible Experience.

The video for The Community Bible Experience Ireland can now be found on: