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Follow The Translation

Follow The Translation

Have you ever wondered how long it takes for a Bible translation to be completed? Have you considered how many people are involved and the level of knowledge needed? Have you heard of unique software such as ParaText to help with the process along the way? 

When many of us as staff first joined Biblica, we had absolutely no idea what was involved in translating the Bible and most of us will admit that we totally underestimated the level of expertise needed and the amount of time it takes!

So, we thought, how amazing would it be if we followed one Bible translation from the start of the process right to the end, so that you can understand more fully what is involved?

For the first instalment of #followthetranslation we will feature the Ukrainian translation. This is a brand new, full Bible translation that we have just started within Biblica Europe.

Will you follow along with us as we journey through this new translation project – and celebrate with us along the way? 

We plan to share with you plenty of stories from Ukraine, stories from our translators on the project and ways in which you can support the project both prayerfully and financially. 

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Follow us at @BiblicaEurope and on Instagram stories next week when some of our team take a trip to Ukraine to gather stories and hear of the importance that this Bible will have on individuals, churches and communities. Some exciting times ahead…