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Child Evangelism Fellowship and Dear Theo

Boy reading Bible

Boy reading Bible

Partnerships are extremely important to us. It’s a simple fact that without our partners, our projects wouldn’t happen, or more importantly bibles wouldn’t get into the hands of those that need them most.

As you know, Dear Theo continues to be an important project for us here at Biblica Europe. We have partnered with our good friends Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) who purchased 1400 copies from us to use in their Good News Clubs across Ireland.

CEF seek to reach out to children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to disciple them in the Word of God and to establish them in a local church. The copies of Dear Theo are being used in their Good News Clubs across the country. They are being used in these small groups in a “book club” format, so that children are encouraged to read the books at home and then to meet to talk about what they have read. Dear Theo is perfect for this, providing the reader with a helpful reading plan and list of questions to guide people through their discussions.

The stories being fed back are incredible. It is our pleasure to profile some of them below:

·        In the Summer of this year, many were used in small groups. The kids were so excited to read it because it just looked like a novel! One child, who had never read a Bible before, read the whole book in less than a week! He said it was so easy to read because it didn’t have chapters and verses and was easy to understand as it was in ‘bitesize’ pieces that he could relate to.

·        For a secondary school weekend away for a local boy’s school, Dear Theo was used as part of their Bible study. The boys said they didn’t even realise it was part of the Bible! They expressed that this format encouraged them to read more and to dig deeper. They said the page layout made the bible more exciting to read, the language was far easier to understand, and the graphics were “super cool.”

·        Another book club, of 10–11–year old’s, loved using the questions at the front of the book to guide their discussions. The leader of the group said, “We love Dear Theo, it teaches them to read the Bible well, gets them to think through the Bible better, and it particularly makes a great start to reading the bible well.”

·        Other leaders of groups said Dear Theo was a “great transition tool for those who have never had or seen a Bible before – it put the Bible in a context they were comfortable with.” Another teacher said, “Seeing children enjoy the Bible in this way is so exciting!”

·        Equip workers on summer camps gave the books out and found children reading them instead of joining in on other activities!

·        Another story is about a migrant family who were so excited about getting copies of Dear Theo for themselves because it didn’t look like a normal traditional bible and they felt safer carrying that around rather than a more traditional looking bible.

The most exciting thing is that churches are now thinking of how they can use Dear Theo together with other resources, to help whole families read through the Bible together.

A big thank you to CEF – it was so wonderful for us to hear these stories. We look forward to many more to come!

We think Dear Theo makes a really great Christmas gift. We have bundled it together with THE STORY (Luke–Acts) so we can help families read the Christmas story together this year.

For more details and to order go to our website

Dear Theo & The Story for Christmas

Dear Theo & The Story for Christmas