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Dear Theo goes on an ‘Amazing Journey’

The children don’t all get a Bible or Dear Theo – instead, their free pack contains a form to request a Bible or Dear Theo free of charge (with parental permission).

Dear Theo part of the pack

Dear Theo part of the pack

The ‘Amazing Journey’ is part of Baptist Youth’s Ministry work across Ireland. The ‘Amazing Journey’ is designed for primary school pupils and uses creative storytelling, colourful displays and Bible characters to introduce children to the key stories and message of the Bible. Each year, thousands of children across Ireland experience the Bible in a fun, interactive, exciting and truly memorable way.

Each child who is involved in the Amazing Journey programme is given an opportunity to request a Bible and other resources– so they can read them at home. 

We were thrilled when Baptist Youth in Ireland approached us a few years ago wanting over 2,000 New Testaments to resource their work. More recently we were approached to provide them with “Dear Theo”* to put in the gifted packs. We are so excited to see what God has planned for their work across the Winter months. 

We pray for the churches that are linked with these Primary Schools and that God would move in the homes of the children.

How exciting will it be to see the pictures of the kids receiving Dear Theo?!  More importantly we are loving the fact that loads of children across the country are reading the Bible through Dear Theo.

*Dear Theo is a unique edition of Luke–Acts, with specially commissioned illustrations, aimed at younger readers, encouraging them to read and engage with God’s story for themselves. This is an epic journey with Jesus, the Son of God, and his first followers. For more info see our website

Kids at the Amazing Journey

Kids at the Amazing Journey