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Our time at New Horizon

Biblica stand

Biblica stand

New Horizon is a seven–day Christian festival that takes place every year in August on the Ulster University campus in Coleraine, set on the north coast of Northern Ireland. It provides a space for thousands of people of all ages to come together, to be taught the Bible, be inspired through worship and to develop a missional heart.

This year we are incredibly thankful to the New Horizon Board for choosing the Accessible Bible as one of the mission projects to be profiled on the main stage at the event. We had opportunities on three evenings to talk about the Accessible Bible and the impact it has already made across the UK.

For us at Biblica, accessing the Word of God is our whole mission. So, it is incredibly exciting to be working on a project like the Accessible Bible to present the Word of God in a format that really is accessible to those with additional needs. We were able to share a video on stage on Saturday night of Jennifer and how finally she has a Bible she can call her own.

Off the back of the video being played we had a huge amount of people come to the Biblica stand purchasing the Bible for themselves or for others they know!

On Tuesday evening our ambassadors for the Accessible Bible, Ian Dickson and Donna Jennings from TIO Associates, were interviewed on the importance of the Accessible Bible to their work. They also challenged the wider Church in how we can make sure God’s Word is accessible for all. It was important for us to profile the work of our partners and ambassadors as we identify and address the most pressing needs.

Lindsey Holley, our Executive Director for Biblica Europe, spoke on Thursday evening, highlighting the importance of providing those with additional needs with a Bible they can read for themselves, and how this can bring a sense of belonging, worth, and expectation that the Bible was really written for all.

God’s Word is for the whole body not just for a select few. We will continually seek more opportunities to get the message of this project to those who need to hear about it but most of all to get it into the hands of those that need it most.

Were you there at New Horizon? Did you buy a copy? Tell us your stories of how you seek to use the Bible.

The Accessible Bible tower at New Horizon

The Accessible Bible tower at New Horizon