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Biblica partakes in Project MORE+

After two years of preparation, Biblica Netherlands kick off Project MORE+ on September 2nd 2012 which has been Initiated by several Christian organisations, the project targets to involve all people of the Dutch nation into discussing the question “Is there more between heaven and earth?”

For this project twenty different organisations joined together, so that 270.000 copies of the glossy magazine MORE+ could be spread by Christians throughout the nation to their friends and neighbours. This personal touch gives Christians the opportunity to talk about their faith and about the God they love so much. The magazine is filled with lifestyle articles and interviews that lightly touch on the gospel.

Jan Otter, Director of Biblica Netherlands, was involved in Project MORE+ from the very beginning. “It is our goal to get into contact with people. Many Dutch people refer to themselves as  religious seekers. They think there is more between heaven and earth, but they do not know what or who and are weary of churches because of the formal traditions there. But churches have changed over the last few years.”

In the magazine readers are invited to learn more about the gospel. The specially developed project website gives visitors information about churches and organizations in their neighbourhood. People can then choose to visit a church, a gospel concert, or to take part in an Alpha Course or other study group.

To make the step between curiosity and actually visiting a church a bit smaller, Biblica Netherlands has also developed the project bible MORE+. This bible contains besides the New Testament various articles from Rev. Eschbach and forty studies for just as many days. There are 5.000 free copies, obtainable through the magazine and the website for anyone curious enough to want to know more.

Project MORE+ is unique in The Netherlands. Only sixty years ago the religious landscape was entirely compartmentalised, meaning that believers of one church were not to interact in any way with believers of another church. When youngsters no longer accepted this way of life, church abandonment was common. Christians are now a minority in The Netherlands. Biblica wants to bring the gospel to the people by making available bibles in the contemporary Dutch language. For this Biblica is largely depending on donations.

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