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We need your help!

If you have been one of the people who has started the Community Bible Experience we want to hear from you!

We have heard lots of little stories from people who have been reading the Books of the Bible together in their church, their bible study or with friends and we would love to hear what people thought of it. How did you find the Books of the Bible, was it easier to read because it’s stripped away from centuries of artificial formatting? Did it help you in your walk with God, did it help you understand God’s Word better?

We are looking for people just to get in touch with us or if you are really willing and love being on camera, then we would like to film a few people to develop our communications here at Biblica Europe. Would you be interested?

Please if you do want to tell us your stories or are up for being filmed then contact me on

Thank you so much and enjoy the rest of your Monday!