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When hard work pays off

Premier Digital Awards

Premier Digital Awards

Biblica Europe have had their base in Belfast for over 5 years now and since then we have been involved in some incredible projects and have been blessed to partner with organisations across Europe. We exist to bring God’s Word to people across the globe in a way they can understand so they are transformed by Christ and inspired to join His mission for the World.

Early last year we took a decision to update our website– everyone knows how the online world can drastically change over a short period. We wanted our new website to be a place where we could share the stories of how our work has impacted people across Europe, provide information on our projects and to have an easily navigated Bible shop.

As you can imagine it took a lot of work to get the website to where it is today. We want to thank the whole Biblica Europe team for their efforts and patience whilst the communications team worked on it over a period of months. Also, we want to say a massive thank you to the wonderfully creative team at Thought Collective, who literally took all our ideas and plans and turned them into a reality.

There is nothing quite like being nominated for an award to prove that hard work really does pay off! We were so excited to be nominated for the Best Christian Organisation Website at the Premier Digital Awards on the 12th November, and were delighted to find out recently that we have been shortlisted to the final three . No matter what happens, we are honoured to even be nominated for this award so a big thank you to the Premier Digital team for that!

We will leave you with a comment from Sam Bell, Creative Director at Thought Collective:

‘The Biblica Europe website has a wide communications remit; from diverse programme promotion to specialist ecommerce requirements. Together with the Biblica team, we created a platform that both met these requirements, engaging visitors through direct and well–structured content, and prepared the website for future expansion. We were delighted to work with the Biblica Europe team on this project and that the site has been short–listed for this award.’